Address: 650 S. Mill Street, Suite 222 Lexington, Kentucky 40508     |     Phone: (478) 718-7727

Such a great day volunteering with our #BaronGibsonDesigns fam (and friends)!

Creating From Kentucky Roots With Baron Gibson Designs

It’s a company that focuses on detail, clarity, tradition, and innovation. Baron Gibson of Baron Gibson Designs joins us to explain more about their projects. You can head over to their website for more information.


Nice to hand out Home Builders Association of Kentucky (HBAK) Design & Remodeling Awards at today's Remodelers Council meeting. Well done Nick Keitz of Keitz Construction, LLC and Baron Gibson of Baron Gibson Designs LLC!

Marvin Window Factory Tour

Baron Gibson Designs  had the pleasure of visiting Warroad, MN which is located on the Lake of the Woods in Northern Minnesota. Marvin Windows and Doors has been in operation here for more than 100 years. Baron Gibson Designs had an opportunity to learn about their rich history as well as tour their window manufacturing plant. Warroad is also well known for its ice fishing, hunting and what life is like in Hockeytown USA.

Does it seem like everyone in Lexington is remodeling? Here’s where the action is.

While it’s difficult to tell precisely how many homes are being remodeled, there are multiple renovations taking around Ashland Park and Chevy Chase, and in the Chinoe/Turkeyfoot/Shadeland area. Just take a leisurely drive around the area and the contractors’ signs pop right out, huge dumpsters and portable toilets...

AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention

Baron Gibson Designs attended the AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention, a joint program of AIA Ohio, AIA Kentucky and AIA Indiana held on September 27th through the 29th at the Crowne Plaza International, in Indianapolis.  The convention provided attendees with a great opportunity to earn learning units and to participate in a number of events focused on design and member achievements.  For more information on the convention, visit the event homepage at AIA Ohio

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