Address: 650 S. Mill Street, Suite 222 Lexington, Kentucky 40508     |     Phone: (478) 718-7727

Vincent has received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in his hometown of Lexington at the University of Kentucky. He is a recipient of the William C. Parker Diversity scholarship from the university and a member of Triangle Fraternity.


Vincent has had extensive experience in both computer aided drafting and BIM technology. He has a background in theater and in his free time, Vincent likes to undertake solo projects such as set designs/construction, and other community projects.


Vincent is the newest member of Baron Gibson Designs. The knowledge he brings has already been applied and enhanced through the many projects BGD undertakes.

Kevin Hernandez received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture  from the University of Kentucky in Lexington. He has studied aboard throughout Europe and Italy. 

Kevin brings a wealth of experience to Baron Gibson Designs, having interned and worked at URBAN LAB in Chicago. He has experience studying energy efficient buildings and performing research  for the University as a part of his curriculum to better understand the efficiency and performance of the campus buildings.

He is a member of the Baron Gibson Designs production team and plays a critical role in the firm’s BIM technology training and implementation. Kevin has gained experience in a variety of project types In addition to Construction Document production. Kevin has experience in programming, schematics, and design development.